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Sole-to-Belly Hip Rotation Helps to Ease the Whole Body

Thai Yoga Massage Sole to Belly Hip Rotation Pose

Really connect with your partner here – Sole to Belly – as you move into this hip rotation and you will be able to feel restrictions and ease throughout their whole body.  The compression and release of this movement will help improve circulation and ease the whole body, but is especially helpful for the low […]

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Krama Pranayama: Finding Greater Ease In Asana Flow

Krama Pranayama Breath Lungs

The Krama Pranayama is a gradual breathing process.  I think of it as pacing out or segmenting the life cycle of the breath; consciously moving the breath (and then the body) for the most supportive and pleasurable situation.  Just like I would want to do for my life itself. Directions, benefits and cautions for the […]

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Nothing like a good side stretch in Thai Yoga Massage

Side Stretch Thai Yoga Massage

Opening the body from outer ankle to fingertips this is a huge side stretch that feels good to spend some time in!  The unexpected benefit of this pose is that sometimes the side that feels the most relief is not the side being stretched. How to do the Side Stretch: With your partner lying on […]

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No balance needed for this tree pose

No balance needed for this tree pose

Sometimes in a yoga practice, we forget that Tree Pose is a hip opener because we are waaaay too busy just trying to stay upright.  One of my favorite hip openers in my own practice is Reclining Tree Pose but this version has it beat.  Let someone else do the work and learn how to […]

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Breathe Deep with the Dirgha Pranayama

Dirgha Pranayama to Breathe Deep

We breathe all the time. But we don’t always do it consciously, we just kinda let it do its thing in the background while we go about our lives.  This intrinsic thing that we cannot live without and we barely give it a thought.  Amazing how our bodies work. If you do take time to […]

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